Black Hole Drop Cave Rappelling- Placencia

Imagine lowering yourself slowly into a seemingly black abyss. As you descend, the trees vanish, the air cools and the light grows dim. What once looked like a black hole with no end in site is now clearly the forest floor.

At the Black Hole Drop, you don’t have to imagine. Known as the mother of all caves, the Actun Loch Tunich sinkhole formed long ago as the weak limestone underneath the rainforest gave way to geological changes that caused the collapse. Though it looks pitch black from the starting point, there’s enough light that filters in to make sure you see every foot of your descent.

This adventure is for the physically fit due to the fact that getting there requires a 45 minute long hike up through the Maya Mountains until you reach the edge of the sinkhole. Once there, you’ll take a short break and then begin suiting up into full safety gear. As soon as your harness is secure, you’ll begin your slow descent. By 200 feet down, you’ll have reached the canopy. From there, it’s only another 100 feet until you reach the forest floor. After another rest, all that remains is a hike out of the foothills and a short journey to your hotel.


RETURN TIME Approximately 5:00 PM
# of Pax 2

Pick up/Drop off at hotel, Transportation, Continental Breakfast (on-the-go), Guide, Entrance Fee, All Equipment, Lunch & Waters


Comfortable Hiking Clothes, Comfortable Walking Shoes, Towel, Change of clothes (esp during rainy season), Camera or Video Camera, Bug Spray, Sunblock, Backpack