Lamanai River Safari- Belize City

As a nod to the crocodiles that call the New River their home, the ruins of Lamanai, or submerged crocodile, lie surrounded by jungle on one side and a beautiful river to the other. Unearthed in the 1970s, this Mayan complex proved to be one of the longest continually inhabited of the ancient cities with evidence of occupation dating back to the 1500s BCE.

Nowadays, visitors to Lamanai can enjoy the magnificence of its three major temples, each built during a different era. For the best view, climb the High Temple to peer across the vast canopy of the rainforest. For an impressive display of Mayan stone carving expertise, the giant faces of the Mask Temple and the jaguars of the Jaguar Temple are the most memorable aspects. There is also an onsite museum housing the great finds of the city, including the copper that led to the invaluable reconstruction of the history of the site.

Unlike other temples that require a bit of a hike, Lamanai truly utilizes the river it sits on. To reach the site itself, your guide will take you on a boat ride through untouched wilderness. You’ll be surrounded on all sides by sunning crocodiles, screeching howler monkeys and the enormous Ceiba trees.

Following this journey into the past, you’ll dock at the entrance to the park and enjoy a full day’s excursion, exploring each of the famed temples at your own pace, coming face to face with Belize’s marvelous history.


RETURN TIME Approximately 2:30 PM
# of Pax 2

Pick up/Drop off at hotel, Transportation, Personal Guide, Entrance Fee, Lunch & Waters


Comfortable Hiking Clothes, Comfortable Walking Shoes, Camera or Video Camera, Bug Spray, Sunblock, Backpack