Tikal Day Tour- Hopkins

Tikal was a city of legend, rivaling even the grandeur of Teotihuacan found in the Valley of Mexico. Dominating the Mayan civilization from 200 to 900 CE, it was a powerhouse that, as of today, is the best understood of any of the lowland Mayan cities. It was awarded UNESCO protection in 1979 for its continued significance even though the ancient Maya have long passed away.

Located just across the border in Guatemala, this monument to the power of ancient man is bursting with palaces, stelae, temples and monumental plazas boasting structures so tall that they surpass even the surrounding treetops. Such grandeur is what led George Lucas to use it in Star Wars as the rebel base the Empire so desperately sought.

As it is in Guatemala, you will have to undergo a border crossing. All of this will be made easier by your guide. From there, it’s a short drive to the site where you are free to explore at your own pace and climb the ruins for a view lost to the jungle for hundreds of years.

Surrounding this Mayan paradise is 222 square miles of protected jungle, resulting in a secluded experience unlike any other. Echoing with the sounds of the howler monkeys and local birds, this impressive collection of restored limestone buildings only represent a fraction of the still uncovered remaining 23 square miles of enveloped history.


DEPARTURE Hopkins Village
RETURN TIME Approximately 7:00 PM
# of Pax 2

Pick up/Drop off at hotel, Continental Breakfast (on the go), Transportation in Belize & Guatemala, Guide, Entrance Fee, Departure Tax, Lunch & Waters


Comfortable hiking clothes, comfortable hiking shoes, passport, extra cash, camera, video camera, sunblock, bug spray, backpack & hat